With the right tools, and the right help along the way, you can build a solid foundation to begin living life on your own terms. Magnum Life’s content-rich course offerings are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the knowledge, support, and skills needed to reach your goals


It is an introductory package for learners, who want to try our online courses before jumping into a more intense program and earn commission through new student referrals.



It is a package for those who are ready for an extra dose of self-development. This is a well-rounded approach towards self-awareness, confidence, future planning and many more.



It is a package for students who are prepared for an encompassing approach to self-development. It includes everything from the Booster and Associate Packages, along with additional eCourses.



It is a combination of all the lower three packages for those who are serious about personal and professional growth. It holds valuable lessons on finances and personal well-being.



This package is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, and other highly-motivated professionals, to help elevate their career to the next level. It is a dynamic program offered by Magnum Life.


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