At Magnum Life, you aren’t a student – you’re one of our Partners. Becoming a Magnum Life Partner involves much more than our fun, information-rich e-courses. Our Partnership Plans put substantially more control into your hands, empowering you to expand your skill set, learn from talented instructors, and reach your full potential – all while earning some extra money along the way.

Our Partnership Plans include:

  • * Access to our entire e-course library
  • * The opportunity to earn instant commission via new Partner referrals
  • * Entry into our Revenue Sharing program through Magnumbits
  • * Free Magnumbits with any Package purchase, excluding the Booster Package


It is an introductory package for learners, who want to try our online courses before jumping into a more intense program and earn commission through new student referrals.



It is a package for those who are ready for an extra dose of self-development. This is a well-rounded approach towards self-awareness, confidence, future planning and many more.



It is a package for students who are prepared for an encompassing approach to self-development. It includes everything from the Booster and Associate Packages, along with additional eCourses.



It is a combination of all the lower three packages for those who are serious about personal and professional growth. It holds valuable lessons on finances and personal well-being.



This package is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, and other highly-motivated professionals, to help elevate their career to the next level. It is a dynamic program offered by Magnum Life.

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Our Partnership Plans empower you to learn from the best, reach your potential and generate additional income along the way.