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If you’re serious about powering through your journey of personal and professional growth, and you’re ready to proceed at full throttle, then the Advanced Package is right for you. Thoughtfully built with everything included in the three lower packages, this program is a top-to-bottom eLearning package that delves into self-discovery, home life management, effective parenting, healthy living, and principles of financial analytics – fully priming your mind for a fruitful journey of personal and professional development.


With the Advanced Package, you will receive:

  • access to our comprehensive, easy-to-digest eBook on entrepreneurship
  • the ability to start referring new members and earning commission
  • “Discovering You” – our self-development eCourse + worksheet
  • “Science of Home Management” – our home life improvement eCourse + worksheet
  • “Parenting” – our parenting skills eCourse + worksheet
  • “Health & Well-Being” – our inner self-development eCourse + worksheet
  • “Introduction to Financial Modelling and Valuation” – our helpful finance eCourse

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