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Maximize Productivity With Evernote


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Maximize Productivity With Evernote


Evernote is a platform that can be used to improve and grow your businesses  
As an internet entrepreneur it can provide you with the solutions needed to solve problem you face as an entrepreneur.
In this course you will learn actionable step by step video training guide that will help you succeed...
This is a very detailed 40 step-by-step video series, These over-the-shoulder videos will help you understand how to best use this platform to organize and grow your business.
It's a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it. No fluff theory - only actionable steps to succeed.

By the end of this Course you will able to:

• Get started with Evernote and discover how it's going to help your business overall.

• Discover which Evernote plan is appropriate for you and some valuable tips you need to know.
• How to set it up on your PC for the maximum efficiency.

• Learn how to use it on your mobile phone and access it anytime and anywhere you wish.

• How to share files, notes and many other cool things with other people.

• How to integrate it with Zapier and IFFTT quickly and easily.

• Learn how to scan documents and share them on Evernote.

• Learn how to use voice notes and dictation to increase productivity.

• Learn how to take notes, organize your files and integrate them with your calendar.

• Learn how to do integrations with services like Wordpress, Trello, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Drive. And so much more.

This course includes:

 Video Training running time: 2hrs
• Maximize business productivity with Evernote Basic:  1hr
• Maximize business productivity with Evernote  Advance: 1hr
Certificate of Completion

Who is this course for:

• Individuals who are unfamiliar with Evernote to those who use Evernote but wish to incorporate advance techniques.
• For everyone wanting to learn more about Evernote and how to use it to become more productive

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