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Intelligent Anger Management


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Intelligent Anger Management


Learn to create new outcomes & results, manage stress, and more through intelligent anger management skills.

Anger is a misunderstood emotion! It is widely assessed to be a destructive emotion with violent tendencies. The invitation in this course is to explore the emotion of anger and notice the energy of it. What possibilities for action exist within the energy of the emotion of anger?
When you learn to harness the power of anger, you can CHOOSE how to show up in conversations and CHOOSE what actions to take to create outcomes and results that have meaning, value and satisfaction for you!
Use the generative power of language and learn to “manage anger” by understanding the story, the body disposition and actions you can take to “step into” and “step out of” anger.

• Understand the foundation of anger as a story with a predisposition to action.

• Learn what it means to “be emotional” versus “having emotions”

• Discover the patterns that set up the path on the “ladder of anger”

• Learn how you can SHIFT your body, your language into ANOTHER emotion

Discover a 3-Step Framework of working with the emotion of anger and its associated energy.Connect to the whole human being you are by exploring the connections between Body, Emotions and Language!
I want to offer you a framework, a new perspective of the holistic and integrated human being that you are! This perspective may help to incorporate several concepts that you have come across in your quest for managing and working with the emotion of anger.
Anger doesn’t “exist” all by itself. Anger is created, over time, through a variety of situations, events and conversations that lead to it!
Course Contents And Overview:

This course contains 40+ lectures and 2.5+ hours of content! It is designed for you if you want to learn to manage anger, annoyance, irritability and more… It is designed for you if you want to move past the potentially “destructive” quality of anger and shift into new possibilities for action.
The material in this course is what I use with my coaching clients so if you are curious about learning to coach yourself from observing your thoughts, ideas and body while exploring anger, this course is for you!
I strongly believe in 3 key ideas: #1) Education - learn about what matters to you; #2) Coaching - practice and embody that learning; and #3) Leadership - show up "fully and in presence" with others.
Every section in this course is connected and invites you to embody the learning. Each section has some “Action Steps” or “Activity” to help you notice what shows up for you as you to interpret and get to the story of the emotions that you experience.
The more you can practice and apply what you learn in the sections determines the results you'll get.

Who this course is for:
• This course is for anyone who wants to work with the emotion of anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance and more…

• This course is for motivated individuals who are willing to spend time in self-reflection and introspection and learn how to work with the energies of these emotions

• If you want to experience the emotions of "joy", "contentment", "satisfaction" and more, this course may be for you

• If you want to learn about how life coaching skills can help you to lead a fuller, more complete life by managing the emotion of anger, then this course may be for you

• The invitation is to be gentle with yourself and be open to the learning

• Learn how to manage anger through a non-judgemental and safe approach of self-reflection and self-enquiry

• This course material can be easily watched within 2-3 hours BUT the invitation is to set aside a regular time for reflection and learning

What you'll learn:
• Discover the “energy” behind the emotion of anger and the steps you can take to direct it toward outcomes that have meaning, value and satisfaction for you

• Learn about the 8 rungs of “violence ladder” used by Dr. Ronald Potter-Efron

• Understand the 3 classifications of anger used by modern psychologists; from “protective” to “linguistic” to “character traits”
• Learn briefly about the B-E-L models used in Ontological Coaching

• Learn briefly about the O-A-R models used in Ontological Coaching

• Downloadable and actionable PDF worksheets to help you work with the emotion of anger

• ** VERY HELPFUL ** Learn how to “step into” and “step out” of “anger” and its related emotions

• Explore the variety of emotions that are similar to and opposite of the emotion of anger observer

• Learn to master anger and take control of its energy

• Create distinctions of “anger” with 120 different emotions related to anger

• Learn to manage anger with 30 “opposite” emotions of anger

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